A recipe scientifically formulated at Optimum Green Research, by a doctor-chemist - who, ironically is also a published poet. A formula that introduced the science of "health" to the romance of "taste."   The Island Gazette, Nov. 2013

The taste of nature.
The charisma of the Canadian wilderness.
The aroma of good health.

A high-end health product that made tea truly good for you. It's the tea of the future.
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Gouda Tea
We simply answered the question: how to get the benefits of a dozen cups of tea, without the negative side effects of consuming that much tea.  
The tea's natural good properties that exist separately in several herbs and plants, were invited to join a quality blend of black and green teas.
A cup of Gouda tea a day will do you wonders.

for you!
All natural. 
All organic.